Originally from London, England, Ben has been living in Canada now since January 2013. His Canadian journey began in Calgary where after registering with the RMTA (Remedial Massage Therapist Association) he worked at a busy therapeutic clinic helping people from all walks off life get back to fitness. It was at this clinic that he learned Onsen Therapy.

The word Onsen is a Japanese word meaning "at rest" or "balanced". Onsen Therapy is a combination of treatment techniques which include MET (Muscle Energy Technique), Post Isometric Relaxation, Transverse Friction Massage and structural realignments. The philosophy behind Onsen is that a balanced body does not hurt. Using a combination of Trigger Point Massage, Laser Therapy and Onsen Therapy Ben saw great success with patients while in Calgary.


Ben took this knowledge with him when he and his wife moved west to the Bow Valley (Banff & Canmore). There he worked at a number of clinics and spas helping tourists and locals alike. He enjoyed tailoring his appointments to meet the needs of his varied patients, from retiree tourists to Olympic athletes. During this time Ben further refined his techniques and blended Onsen Therapy further into his massage treatments. 

Ben is passionate about helping his patients get back to their activity of choice whether that be walking the dog or rock climbing. Ben can help remove your pain and give you advice to prevent it from coming back. 


Call or email us today to set up an appointment with Ben and get back on track to feeling yourself again. 



BSc Degree in Sports Therapy - University of Kent at Medway, UK


Certified Onsen Technique Therapist (COTT)

2007 - 2022

Standard First Aid, Level C CPR and AED Certificate

Professional Credentials

Remedial Massage Therapist CMMOTA Member #2385

(Canadian Massage & Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association)

For those with extended health care benefits check your coverage prior to booking.

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