It's November. A month when we're asked to pay more attention to the men in our lives. To remember the reality that many more men than women die from suicide and cancer - almost entirely preventable deaths.


This is also the month when we celebrate the amazing mustaches men will grow in support of Movember. A lot of people will make donations to charities that support men's health, and this is good. But what are we actually doing to make those terrible statistics about men & suicide, men & prostate cancer, men & heart disease, men & violent deaths different? Who are the people and agencies that work day in and day out, 12 months a year to make a difference in the lives of men at risk of an untimely death?

I thought I'd provide a list of the resources for men that we've collected over the years in the hope that someone might find it helpful. Bookmark this blog post and feel free to send it to your man, your brother, your father, your uncle, and any men friends who might need to know where to find support and/or live.

We've followed The Good Men Project for years. Reasonable and engaged, the site regularly posts stuff worth reading, such as "Detoxing Culture and Healthy Masculinity"

Paul Averill of The Man Bits Podcast has built up a healthy resource library of interviews with people who are engaged in supporting men, men's health, and health masculinity. Some of the podcasts are real, brilliant, and worth a listen. Dr. Susannah did a podcast with Paul on men, trauma, and suicide. You can hear that interview here.

Dan Griffin is authentic, experienced and invested. He writes for The Man Rules, and has much to say which is supportive of men, men's health, and men's issues. We've used him as a resource and are happy to recommend him to others.

The Men's Health Resource Center has links to a number of issues relevant to men. Statistics, research, resources, and information, all in one site.

Canadians contribute a significant amount of money to the Movember movement. Some years, we've been the highest donations in the world. This charity works hard to support men's health, men's issues, and to educate the world on the factors that impact men's mental and physical health.

Heads Up Guys is focused on men and depression, and offers resources, suggestions, and support for men struggling with mental health issues. The site offers a good self-test for your current state, and then provides suggestions for help based on the result.

More resources:

Men and Mental Health

Men's Mental Health

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