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From Aston Martins & Cat Spit to ShrinkSquared

While in Kuwait, I began writing as a way to easily share my experiences with family and friends back in Canada. In the process of curating articles published in bazaar Kuwait for our new website, I thought about reviewing these posts to see if any are worth adding.

Of course, these posts are mine so all you're getting is my idea of what was good from back then. If you want to see for yourself, you can check out

In the meantime, here's my chosen list of fun, interesting, sad, exciting, funny, or odd posts from my blog originally titled 'Aston Martins & Cat Spit' and later retitled, 'ShrinkSquared.'

Note: Maybe read this first...

Feeling Strange 07/2010

Abuse Disguised as Feminism 07/2017

The Risk of Being Real 10/2015

Adulting...Not So Fun 12/2016

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Four Habits Worth Cultivating 11/2015

Above All, Have Mercy 09/2015

The Gift of a Quiet Mind 08/2015

Rocket Science and Sea Glass 07/2013

Wine and Whine 07/2013

Extra! Extra! Own a Human Being - or a Gift for Person Who Has Everything 06/2014

Native Sons and Nervous Expats 07/2013

Of Eeyore & Tigger 02/2013

Living in the Gray Space 01/2013

About Those Guns... 12/2012