Is your sex life damaging your relationships?

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We have the recovery tools you need to move away from compulsive sexual behaviour and toward a healthier, happier life 

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Bill Schuilenberg MPCC, CSAT

For 22 years, Bill was a successful cabinetmaker in Alberta, and in those years, he had the satisfaction of working on many different and unique projects, but his favourite thing to do was kitchens. "When I get to the job site to install the kitchen, the house is just a box. When I leave, it's a home." 


After being invalided out of his trade, he took the opportunity to return to school at 41. With counselling credentials in hand, he opened a private counselling practice with his wife, Susannah-Joy, in Kelowna, BC. In 2008 he followed Susannah-Joy to Kuwait where they practiced for seven years. While overseas, Bill completed a graduate degree in counselling psychology, adding significantly to the breadth and depth of his counselling experience in a diverse and multi-cultural psychology center. In 2015, after returning to Canada,  he founded William & Associates Counselling Services again in partnership with his wife, Susannah-Joy.  Bill actively pursues education in order to keep his skills current, and he is currently completing certification as a Sexual Addictions Therapist.

Bill works with men, offering support in addressing stressful life circumstances, intimacy disorders, sexual addictions, and navigating relationship challenges. Focusing on a compassionate, non-judgmental process, he helps to clarify patterns of thinking and behaviour which in turn, creates the opportunity for change. 

Fun fact: Bill is an avid Formula One fan, and has his own racing setup in the Mancave including life size screen and custom built racing seat. He's raced every F1 circuit multiple times and uses this pastime as self-care.

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