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Intern Graduates where are they now?

Niki Connor, BA, MACP, RPC

I genuinely appreciated my time at WACS.  The learning opportunities were incredibly valuable, from clients, peers and supervision.  The uniqueness of WACS provided me with an array of educational experiences, including group facilitation and partnerships with community agencies.  Currently I am working at North Okanagan Youth and Family Services in Vernon, and I'm in the process of starting up my own practice.  Keep and eye out for Niki Connor Clinical Counselling Services! In the meantime I can be found at niki.connor.08@gmail.com 

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Stephanie Hopkins, BSW, MACP

I am so grateful for my experience as an intern at WACS.  I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing clients and colleagues.  Each person impacted my journey in a positive and unique way.  I am pregnant with my first child, due May 1st! (2020)  I am looking forward to spending some time with him on maternity leave before deciding what the next step will be in my professional career.  At this time, I still hold a position at Interior Health-Mental Health and Substance Use and plan to return there part-time in fall 2021.  I will keep in touch with WACS and explore opportunities to move into private practice (at least part-time) when the timing is right. 

Jenn Medwedew, BSc, MACP, CCC

I will be forever grateful for my time at William & Associates - it was a supportive and challenging environment that drove me to grow in new ways. I am excited to begin the next learning experience as I study for a year under Dr. Gabor Maté to develop skills to work with addiction and trauma. My Chiweenie Max and I can be found online at www.ellisstreetcounselling.com 

Jeannine Burnes, BA, MACP, RCC

Passions of mine are learning, social justice, mental health and empowering others to manage their lives healthier. Through a supportive and encouraging environment, William and Associates gave me a strong grounding from which to grow, I gained knowledge and developed skills designed to help my clients.


With the variety of counsellors on hand, I learnt a variety of skills from different perspectives and was given the opportunity (and support) to find myself as a counsellor. I will be setting up my own private practice in Summerland from November 2019, Willowbrook Counselling and Psychotherapy Services, and while I will very much miss working with such ethical and passionate counsellors, I am very excited by this opportunity and will be staying in touch with my colleagues here. Should you wish to contact me, visit my website www.willowbrookcounselling.com 

or email at jeannine@willowbrookcounselling.com

Robyn Springer, BSc, MACP, RCC

My time at WACS was filled with reach experiences and I learned so much from my clients as well as the team at WACS.  I greatly appreciated the variety of clients and all of the support and education I received. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn alongside others with varied experience - from beginners to experts!  I admire WACS for their commitment to supervising new counsellors, and for their commitment to providing affordable counselling for our community.  I finished my practicum feeling excited and prepared to work as a clinical counsellor in private practice, and you can now find me at robynspringercounselling.com

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