Defining the We that is Us

Romantic Couple


Through this unique couple's intensive  therapy course, you and your partner will discover a new depth of  intimacy in your relationship. 

Couple in Rooftop Cuddling


Do you desire to have a more meaningful connection? That means being open and vulnerable. We will teach you new ways to connect.

Romantic Couple


Learn to listen and respond in a way that shows your partner you are invested and want to communicate in a healthy way.

Meet the Facilitators

35 Years of We

Bill & Susannah-Joy's 35 years of We!

Bill works with men and women by offering support in addressing stressful life circumstances, intimacy disorders, sexual addictions and Bill also helps couples navigate their relationship challenges. Focusing on a compassionate, non-judgmental process, he helps to clarify patterns of thinking and behaviour which in turn, creates the opportunity for change. 

Susannah-Joy Schuilenberg

Susannah-Joy holds safe and confidential space for people wounded by life to process and resolve painful experiences which have impacted quality of life. Focusing on the specific needs of each individual client or couple, she brings years of experience to the therapy room, a huge toolbox of techniques and interventions, and unshakeable compassion throughout the process.

Bill Schuilenberg

Session One

Your Story Matters

Defining Your We

Session Three

Communication Building

Couple Task

Session Five

Intimacy Building

Couple Task

COVID special. No groups allowed!

2hr couple's sessions at group rate, with savings of over $1400



per couple

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Session Two


Couple Task

Session Four

Intimacy Triangle &


Session Six

The Four A's


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