Meet Our Counsellors

Bill Schuilenberg

Founder & Certified Sex Addictions Therapist

Bill Schuilenberg, RPC, MPCC-S, CT, CSAT

Bill works with men and women offering support in addressing stressful life circumstances, intimacy disorders, problematic sexual behaviour, and sexual addictions. Bill also helps couples navigate relationship challenges and to repair or to grow true and lasting intimacy. 

CPCA (RPC, MPCC-S) #1922

IITAP (CSAT) #2016-2474

Carol Loney

Crisis Intervention & Grief/Loss Specialist

Carol J. Loney, MA, RPC, MPCC-S, CT, CCTP-II, ACS

A gifted therapist and educator, Carol brings compassion and wisdom to her work that is grounded in her professional and therapeutic skills. Anchored by her 35 years of experience sharing the grief journey, Carol offers hope, uplifting lives in empowering ways. 

CPCA (RPC, MPCC-S) #1942

Heather Rawson

Life Transitions, Emotional Triggers, and Traumatic Stress Therapist

Heather Rawson, RTC

Are you exhausted from being in a chronic survival state? Do you feel like you don't know who "You" are? My integrative counselling approach centres around helping you become whole again. I specifically offer therapeutic support for traumatic stress, emotional triggers, and helping individuals navigate life transitions.


Together we will develop strategies that reinforce effective patterns and move you towards harmony and wellness. It is my joy and commitment to guide you on a therapeutic journey that is highly personalized and collaborative.


Making the first contact with a counsellor can be the hardest part. Come as you are. I look forward to connecting with you!



Internal Family Systems-Informed

ACCT (RTC) #2894

Maria Garcia

Children & Adolescent Therapist

Maria Garcia, RTC (currently on maternity leave)

Counselling brings empowerment and self-awareness. Carl Rogers once said “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” This is something that resonates with who I am as a counsellor.  I want my clients to achieve this acceptance of themselves and realize that they are more than worthy- they are more than capable, to bring forth the change that they desire.

ACCT (RTC) #2903

Jen Millar

Intern Counsellor - Low-Fee Therapist

Jen Millar

Jennifer (Jen) works primarily with children and adolescents, providing a safe and comfortable environment to help work through their struggles. She is passionate about helping families learn effective and respectful communication skills so they can form healthy relationships built on trust and connection. She believes that we all have the ability within to meet our potential, and sometimes we just need some help figuring out how to do it.

Jen Millar is an Intern Counsellor, practicing under the direct clinical supervision of Carol Loney, MA, RPC, MPCC-S, CT, ACS, CCTP-II

Susannah-Joy Schuilenberg

Founder & Trauma Specialist

Susannah-Joy Schuilenberg, RPC, MPCC, CT, CCTP-II

Susannah-Joy holds safe and confidential space for people wounded by life to process and resolve painful experiences which have impacted quality of life. Focusing on the specific needs of each individual client or couple, she brings years of experience to the therapy room, a huge toolbox of techniques and interventions, and unshakeable compassion throughout the process.

CPCA (RPC, MPCC) #1901

Wanda McKenzie

Women's Counsellor & Coach

Wanda McKenzie, RPC

Ladies! Are you hitting a wall someplace in your life? Perhaps you are second-guessing your skills or abilities, relationships or career, your parenting or something else that is resulting in shaky confidence. What we work on and how we collaborate in a session depends on YOU! I have an integrative approach, meaning that I have many tools in my bag to assist in your process. I employ a Blended Counselling/Coaching approach.

CPCA (RPC) #3430

Chantale Elliott

Chronic Pain, Depression & Anxiety Therapist

Chantale Elliott, RTC, CCATP

Chronic illness and pain can be extremely debilitating however, it doesn't need to completely control and dominate your life. I have a passion for helping people take back their quality of life from the control of chronic illness and pain. I offer compassion and practical solutions to the reality of dealing with something that can't be changed.

ACCT (RTC) #2899

Davis Wiggs

Life Transitions, Depression & Anxiety Therapist

Davis Wiggs, BSc, RTC, ASAT-C*

Throughout my life, I have been a consistent ear for friends and family that need it most. I have since grown that 'listening ear' - personally and professionally - into a passion to help others and to be that safe place when people have nowhere to turn. With my friendly and compassionate nature, I create space for clients to feel comfortable while having the opportunity to share their story, confident I will hear it without judgment.

ACCT (RTC) #2862

IITAP (ASAT-C) #2022-3635

*I am under the supervision of Suzy LeBroc, CSAT-S

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If none of our therapists are a good fit for you, we will happily make a referral to other professionals or resources.

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