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Low-Fee Therapy

  • No wait lists

  • $45/hour

  • Free Parking

  • Downtown Kelowna

  • In-Person or Virtual

Meet our Counselling Interns

Lauren Wong, affordable therapy, kelowna counsellor

Intern Counsellor - Low-Fee Therapist

Lauren Wong

Lauren looks forward to walking you home on your own path of healing, and being a witness to some of your most pivotal "a- ha!" moments that will grow from this shared experience. She is extra passionate about the idea of the spiritual journey of a person, and how these different stages affect the way we view ourselves and others.

Lauren believes in the importance of understanding ourselves, and is here to help you get to know YOU better (the good, the bad, and the not so pretty) so that you can continue to write your story the way you want it to be read. 

Lauren is an Intern Counsellor, practicing under the direct clinical supervision of Carol Loney, MA, RPC, MPCC-S, CT, ACS, CCTP-II

William & Associates, kelowna counsellor, affordable therapy kelowna

Empower Yourself | Reclaim Your Life | Live Well

Here to support You

We passionately believe asking for help should open doors to the resources and support needed to make a difference. We know from years of research that the relationship between client and counsellor is the most important element of successful therapy.


If none of our therapists are a good fit for you, we will happily make a referral to other professionals or resources.


Intern Counsellor - Low-Fee Therapy

Mark Gray, RPC-C

Mark’s life-long passion is supporting individuals to find their path to well-being, confidence, and true self.

Having experience working with some of the most vulnerable in our communities, Mark offers a compassionate presence to allow clients to meet their pain and find resiliency within.

Mark's framework is trauma-informed and guided by a social justice approach. He tends to both youth and adults.

CPCA (RPC-C, #4377)


This shouldn't be something that you have to consider when you need support for mental health challenges. But it is. Our Low-Fee Therapy program has provided affordable therapy locally and virtually for 6 years. We'll continue to help people in this way as long as we're able. 

Realistic Cost

Low-Fee sessions are $45/hour (plus GST). A typical therapy treatment plan is 6 sessions long. That means you can spend less than $300 (tax included) to literally change your life. Trust me, a lot can change in 6 weeks! You just have to start.

Counselling Interns

The program is made possible by our Interns. Every intern we take on has completed their education, and is working on getting their hours to be a fully registered professionals. They have life experience and are supervised by a fully qualified Clinical Supervisor, in our clinic. 

Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Please reach out, we are happy to connect and answer any questions you might have. 

We will be in touch soon! 

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