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Bill and Susannah-Joy Schuilenberg are "William & Associates." This practice was born of a longtime dream to offer mental health services in a way that was congruent with their personal and professional values. In 2014 when they knew they were returning to Canada from Kuwait to stay, Bill and Susannah-Joy decided to make that long-time dream a reality.

In 2015, with family at the center of their core values, they had a series of brainstorming sessions with their daughters, consulted siblings, and had many an ongoing conversation about the best way to express those values. After much hilarity, vociferous debate, sober consideration, and many, many, many discarded scribbles, they settled on these statements encompassing the values they wanted to govern this practice:

  • Partnerships: We will build strong healthy relationships with family, friends, and professionals.

  • Social Activism: We will share our time and talent to promote healthy, equitable, sustainable communities, locally and globally.

  • Learning: We will enrich our lives with new knowledge, and share/teach others what we learn.

  • Adventure: We will explore, travel, be involved in body movement, and be open to intriguing business ideas.

  • Creativity: We will design, create, build, repair or repurpose.

To invest in the potential of Others to be healthy, creative individuals connected in significant ways to the humanity of our common Tribe.

We know that the relationship between client and counsellor is the most important element of successful therapy. If our therapists aren't your fave, we will make referrals to other professionals or resources that may be a better fit. We passionately believe asking for help should open doors to the resources and support needed to make a difference.


Call us now: 1 (236) 420 1155

WhatsApp: 1 (250) 859 2363

1856 Ambrosi Road, #114

Kelowna, BC

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William & Associates Counselling Services