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At William & Associates, one of our values is Social Activism. This means that we strive to share our time and talent to promote healthy, equitable, sustainable communities, locally and globally. One of the ways we do that locally is through our Counselling Internship Program. With 3 experienced and qualified Counselling Supervisors here, we are able to facilitate several interns at once and have successfully graduated 22 interns over the last 7 years. 


One of the things we do differently is that the internships are paid. This is how we are able to sustainably operate our Low-Fee Therapy program. With this program, consultations are always free, and 60 minute sessions are always $45, and relationship therapy is $67.50 for one hour. All pricing is before GST. 


The cost of therapy can be a barrier, so we wanted a way to facilitate the education and learning experience of new counsellors while also providing a solution to the cost barrier. This is what we came up with and it’s worked well. If you’re looking for mental health care, and have put it off because of the typical hourly price - we invite you to reach out and inquire about our Low-Fee program. There is lots of space and we have new interns starting all year round. 

Low-Fee Therapy

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Clinical Counselling - Associates

Counselling -

Our little therapy clinic is currently home to 5 Associates who offer Clinical Counselling in a variety of modalities and types of therapy. Some of them completed their internship with us as well. These Associates are fully registered, life-experienced counsellors. We’re incredibly proud of the therapists they have become, and absolutely recommend them without question.


Some of the types of therapy our Associates offer include relationship therapy, depression counselling, anxiety counselling, children’s therapy, internal family systems counselling, life transitions therapy, sexual addictions and/or porn recovery therapy, living with chronic pain or disease counselling, family counselling and youth counselling. This is not an exhaustive list however, and if you are struggling with something that you don’t see here, please reach out. There is no doubt that one of our counsellors can help you. We also have two counsellors who are bilingual - one in French and one in Spanish. 


Clinical Counsellors offer free consultations, so that you can meet with the therapist first to make sure that you are comfortable with them (and they with you). The counsellor/client relationship is extremely important. You must have a level of trust, and that can’t happen if you can’t hardly be in the same room with them! And it goes both ways. Our Associates’ rates are $125 for 60 minute sessions and $187.50 for one hour relationship sessions.

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Psychotherapy - 

Bill, Susannah-Joy and Carol are our resident Specialist and Clinical Supervisors. Combined they have 60 years of experience in the mental health field. Their education and experience is exceptional. All three are incredibly passionate about investing in the potential of people to be healthy, creative and healed individuals. This is their goal, to help heal the world, one person at a time.


Specialists offer Psychotherapy in a number of different ways. Bill is a sexual addictions and intimacy/relationship specialist, and offers individual counselling, couples counselling and runs several men’s groups that deal with those issues. Susannah-Joy is a complex trauma specialist and has worked with clients all over the world with incredible stories of endurance and perseverance in the face of terrible things. Carol is a crisis intervention, and grief and loss counsellor. She helps people navigate the loss of a loved one, co-worker or friend. 


Psychotherapy is offered at a rate of $150 per 1 hour session and for relationship counselling the rate is $225 per hour. Pricing for crisis counselling is a little different and it’s best to contact us to find out more. Typically our Specialists are covered by insurance providers, as they are Registered Professional Counsellors. We do not direct-bill, however you will always be provided with all the information needed to be reimbursed by your health benefits.

Psycotherapy - Specialists

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Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Please reach out, we are happy to connect and answer any questions you might have. 

We will be in touch soon! 

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