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Build self-confidence.
Reduce anxiety.
Destroy self-doubt.

These are just a few benefits of therapy. 

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Today is the tomorrow you stressed about yesterday.

Sometimes just starting is the hardest part. Sometimes it's the easiest. Either way, once you begin counselling and are invested in your own mental wellness you will see immediate benefits. 

Click below to find a therapist who can help you move through or past whatever is stopping you from living life to the fullest! 

Therapy that's right for YOU.


Whether 25 or 110, we all have experienced trauma, usually in multiple ways. One-on-one trauma therapy with an unbiased, compassionate counsellor is essential to real healing. A trauma therapist has a vast toolbox to help you heal your inner child, and in turn, live well.

Chronic Illness Support

Living with a chronic illness or pain is exceptionally challenging. Working with a therapist can help you take back your power and create a better quality of life, even while dealing with something you can't change.

Grief & Loss

The loss of a loved one is devastating. Speaking with a counsellor is incredibly helpful when going through a life-changing event such as losing someone you love.

Women's Coaching & Empowerment

In a world full of women, be a confident one. Be a bold one. Be a quiet one. Be whatever kind of woman you want to be. If you need help to find out who you are, a coach and therapist can help you figure that out.


Relationships of any kind take work and can be hard, especially when the individuals are dealing with their own issues. Talking with an objective third party is ideal, to help each other heal and learn to love stronger.

Parent Coaching

Parenting is hard. Sometimes you just need someone in your corner, who is objective and has the knowledge to teach you skills to parent YOUR child(ren) the way they need you to.

Family Mediation

Sometimes families don't get along, or aren't able to reconcile on their own after traumatic or life-changing events. Or the discord can be caused by past behaviours. That's where a trained family therapist can help.

Bilingual Sessions

We have two therapists who are bilingual, and can offer sessions in English or Spanish or French, and can translate as well. They can help with a variety of mental health challenges.

Children & Teens

The future of humanity rides on the emotional intelligence of the next generation. We need to show our kids that it's necessary to talk, to heal, and keep a healthy heart and mind.

Men's Issues

The issues that men face in today's world are complex. From intimacy issues, porn and sex addiction, to society's toxic expectations of men - it's a lot. A specialized therapist can help you overcome those issues and be the man you want to be.

Addiction Support

One of the hardest things about addiction issues is that you feel so alone in the struggle and it feels like you're stuck. An addictions support counsellor is in your corner, providing support without shame, and tools to help you move forward to a healthy place.

Workplace Conflict

We spend an enormous amount of time at work. With people we don't get to choose to work with. Personalities clash, or maybe there's real conflict or harassment. Either group or individually, a therapist can help you through that.

Low-Fee Therapy


Clinical Counselling




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